Trinidad region

Trinidad region

Trinidad and Tobago is a single country made up of two separate islands. Trinidad is by far the larger of the two islands.

The Area of Trinidad and Tobago’s Total and the Country’s Population.

Official Name Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Continent North America
Region North America
  • The country of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the Caribbean region. It comprises of the two major islands of Trinidad and Tobago and other smaller landforms. The islands were colonized by European superpowers for a long period in the history of the country. In 1498, Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive on the island of Trinidad.

Trinidad and Tobago (officially, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) is divided into 9 regions, 5 municipalities (3 boroughs + 2 cities) and 1 ward. The regions are: Couva –Tabaquite -Talparo, Diego Martin, Mayaro – Rio Claro, Penal Debe, Princes Town, Sangre Grande, San Juan Laventille, Siparia, Tunapuna-Piarco.Capital City:
Port of SpainLand Area:
5,128.00 km 2Legal Name:
Republic of Trinidad and TobagoTotal Area:
5,128.00 km 2

How many regions are in Trinidad and Tobago?

nine regions

Is Trinidad a poor country?

Built primarily around the oil and gas industries, Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is one of the strongest in the Caribbean. Despite this, several factors have led to economic stagnation as well as relatively prevalent poverty.

Why is it called Trinidad and Tobago?

Ol’ Chris Columbus named the Trinidad portion of the island-nation duo Trinidad and Tobago after—what else can be expected from a Catholic explorer? —the Holy Trinity. Rumor has it people started calling the other, smaller island “ Tobago ” because of all the tobacco grown (and smoked) by the natives there.

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Are Trinidad and Tobago separate countries?

While they’re sister islands, Trinidad & Tobago are very different . While many people talk about Trinidad & Tobago as if they are the same island, they are actually the same country (The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago ) but two separate islands with distinct differences.

What are the 8 counties in Trinidad?

The counties are: Caroni . Mayaro. Nariva . Saint Andrew . Saint David. Saint George . Saint Patrick . Victoria.

How many parishes are in Trinidad?

Historically, Tobago was divided into seven parishes (Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Mary, Saint Patrick and Saint Paul). Tobago.

No. Electoral districts
11 Belle Garden East/ Roxborough / Delaford
12 Scarborough / Calder Hall

Why is Trinidad so dangerous?

There are a few areas of the capital, Port of Spain on Trinidad , that can be dangerous . Communities like Laventille, Morvant, Sea Lots, South Belmont are prone to violent crime, such as sexual assault, robberies and gang violence, and should be avoided.

Who is the richest person in Trinidad?

Here are the list of the richest people in Trinidad and their net worth: Helen Bhagwansingh – $5.5billion. Jack Ramoutarsingh – $4.67billion. Roodal Moonilal – $3.5billion. Jack Warner – $2.92billion. Imtiaz Ahamad – $2.7billion. Anand Ramlogan – $123.83million. John Rahael – $119.67million. Anthony Agostini – $86.5million.

Why is Trinidad so rich?

The country’s wealth is attributed to its large reserves and exploitation of oil and natural gas. Trinidad and Tobago has earned a reputation as an excellent investment site for international businesses and has one of the highest growth rates and per capita incomes in Latin America.

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Are Trinidadians British citizens?

Those born in Trinidad & Tobago would have held Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKC) status. For these and other forms of British Nationality available to Trinidad & Tobago residents, those born there or nationals , click on British Citizenship .

Are Trinidadians Latino?

No, Trinidad and Tobago is mainly populated by those of African and Indian descent while they are some Hispanic influences and those who are mixed with it, it’s culture nor majority of its residents are Hispanic . Why is Hispanic / Latino culture so rich?

Who is the most famous person in Trinidad?

Trinidadian Nicki Minaj. 08 December 1982. Billy Ocean. 21 January 1950. Recording Artist. Stokely Carmichael. 29 June 1941. Dwight Yorke. 03 November 1971. Football Player. Brian Lara. 02 May 1969. Trinidadian Cricketer. C. L. R. James. 04 January 1901. Kamla Persad-Bissessar. 22 April 1952. Adande Thorne. 10 July 1988.

Is Trinidad part of USA?

Trinidad and Tobago obtained independence in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976. Trinidad and Tobago has the third highest GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP) in the Americas after the United States and Canada.

Why is it so hot in Trinidad?

That, in turn, is because both the sun is shining quite vertically, providing lots of energy to heat up the air, and because the sea temperatures are at their warmest now. As you can imagine, just like hot water in a mug, warm sea water will evaporate more water than colder water, which adds more humidity to the air.

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What language does Trinidad speak?


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