Trinidad counties

Trinidad counties

The counties of Trinidad and Tobago are historic administrative divisions of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad was divided into eight counties, and these counties were subdivided into wards. Tobago was administered as a ward of Saint David County.

How many counties are there in Trinidad?

eight counties

How many parishes are in Trinidad?

Historically, Tobago was divided into seven parishes (Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Mary, Saint Patrick and Saint Paul). Tobago.

No. Electoral districts
11 Belle Garden East/ Roxborough / Delaford
12 Scarborough / Calder Hall

How many regions are in Trinidad and Tobago?

nine regions

What county is Arima in?

Saint George County

Is Trinidad sinking?

The north-west coast of Trinidad along the Gulf of Paria is sinking because of movement in the earth’s faults. Recently Dr John Agard, Chairman of the Environmental Management Authority, said the south-west coast of Trinidad in the area of Cedros is sinking .

What county is Trinidad CA?

Humboldt County

How many corporations are there in Trinidad?

There are 14 municipal corporations in Trinidad . The Tobago House of Assembly is responsible for all services provided in Tobago. Act 21 of 1990 provided for 18 Municipal Corporations : two City, three Borough (the new Borough of Chaguanas was created) and thirteen Regional Corporations .

What region is Trinidad in?

It is located in the far south-east of the Caribbean region, with the island of Trinidad being just 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) off the coast of Venezuela in mainland South America across the Columbus Channel.

What is the capital of Tobago?

Port of Spain

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What are the 41 constituencies in Trinidad?

Parliamentary constituencies in the Trinidad and Tobago

No. Constituency Number of Polling Divisions (2015)
1 Arima 40
2 Arouca/Maloney 24
3 Barataria/San Juan 41
4 Caroni Central 33

How many electoral districts are there in Trinidad?

Map showing the 2019 Trinidadian local election results of the 14 corporations. Local elections in Trinidad and Tobago were held on 2 December 2019, contesting 139 electoral districts across Trinidad’s 14 municipal corporation electoral areas.

How many municipalities are there in Trinidad?

Local Government Elections in Trinidad Five (5) cities and boroughs are comprised in the former, and nine (9) regional municipalities in the latter. The names of these electoral areas and the number of electoral districts in each are provided in the following tabulation.

What is the meaning of Arima?

autoregressive integrated moving average

What is the eastern boundary of Trinidad?

Separating Trinidad’s west coast from Venezuela is the Gulf of Paria. The southern channel between the two countries is called the Columbus Channel. Trinidad’s north coast borders the Caribbean Sea; its east coast meets the Atlantic Ocean.

When did Point Fortin became a borough?

20 April 1980

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