Trinidad cities

Trinidad cities

The 3 Most Populated Cities in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Chaguanas. The biggest city in Trinidad and Tobago, in terms of population, is Chaguanas which is located in the central region of the Trinidad island.
  • San Fernando. The second most populated city in Trinidad and Tobago is San Fernando.
  • Port-of-Spain. The third biggest city in this country is Port-of-Spain with its population of 37,074.

What are the major cities in Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad and Tobago – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Chaguanas , Chaguanas 67,433
2 Mon Repos , San Fernando 56,380
3 San Fernando , San Fernando 55,419
4 Port of Spain , Port of Spain 49,031

What cities are in Trinidad?

List of cities , towns, settlements, and villages in Trinidad and Tobago: Contents: Top.

Name Location (Region/municipality)
Las Lomas, Trinidad and Tobago Tunapuna–Piarco
Lambeau, Tobago Tobago
Las Cuevas San Juan–Laventille
Laventille San Juan–Laventille

What are the 8 counties in Trinidad?

The counties are: Caroni . Mayaro. Nariva . Saint Andrew . Saint David. Saint George . Saint Patrick . Victoria.

How many cities are there in Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad And Tobago has 0 cities with more than a million people, 0 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 15 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Trinidad And Tobago is , with a population of people.

What is the city of Trinidad?

San Fernando , officially the City of San Fernando , is the most populous city and second most populous municipality in Trinidad and Tobago, after Chaguanas . San Fernando , Trinidad and Tobago.

San Fernando
Jurisdiction City of San Fernando
Settled 1595
Borough 1853
City November 18th, 1988
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What is the capital of Trinidad?

Port of Spain

Is Trinidad a city or country?

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, thanks to its large reserves of oil and gas, the exploitation of which dominates its economy.

What is Trinidad known for?

Trinidad and Tobago is well known for its African and Indian cultures, reflected in its large and famous Carnival, Diwali, and Hosay celebrations, as well being the birthplace of steelpan, the limbo, and music styles such as calypso, soca, rapso, parang, chutney, and chutney soca.

How many states does Trinidad have?

15 province

Is Trinidad a safe place to live?

Trinidad and Tobago is a country definitely not known for safety and you should take into consideration both the high rate of petty crime as well as the high murder rate in this country.

Does Trinidad have a zip code?

A 6-digit postal code project has been initiated in 2012 but was never completed. To date (2017) no postal codes are in use in Trinidad and Tobago.

How many corporations are there in Trinidad?

There are 14 municipal corporations in Trinidad . The Tobago House of Assembly is responsible for all services provided in Tobago. Act 21 of 1990 provided for 18 Municipal Corporations : two City, three Borough (the new Borough of Chaguanas was created) and thirteen Regional Corporations .

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