Parang in trinidad

Parang in trinidad

Parang is a style of music that is synonymous with the Christmas season in Trinidad and Tobago. This folk form evolved over time to incorporate singing from house to house and large corporate stages. Competitions and festivals highlight the parang music and create traditions that are part of this Trini Christmas.Dec 20, 2020
Two theories surround the origins of Trinidad parang. The first is that the custom was brought to the island by the Spanish colonists who ruled Trinidad from 1498-1797. It continued to flourish after the British took over the island, because of constant interaction between the people of Trinidad and those of Venezuela.

What is the history of Parang?

WHAT IS PARANG ? The term Parang is derived from the Spanish word parranda, which means a spree or a fête. Initially it meant a group of four or more men who went to give a parranda at an event – a christening or a birthday celebration. The group sang to the accompaniment of musical instruments.

What instruments are used in Parang?

Parang music includes a “core” instrumentation of the following: Cuatro. Guitar. Violin. Mandolin. Bandolin. Box bass or string bass (and more currently, electric bass) Maracas (or ” chac-chac “) Wood block (or “toc-toc”)

What language is parang music sung in?


Who are two famous artists of traditional parang?

Famous parang entertainers include the late Daisy Voisin, Los Alumnos de San Juan, Lara brothers, Los Ninos del Mundo, Sharlene Flores, Marcia Miranda and Scrunter.

What does Parang mean?

The word is derived from two Spanish words: parranda, meaning “a spree”, and parar meaning “to stop”. In the past, it was traditional for parang serenaders to pay nocturnal visits to the homes of family and friends, where part of the fun was waking the inhabitants of the household from their beds.

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What is the English of Parang?

English . parang . as if; field; forest; it seems; meadow; prairie; parang .

What is Soca Parang in Trinidad?

Parang . Parang . Trinidad and Tobago is best recognized as the land of Calypso and Steelpan, however during the Christmas season, the music is Parang . Parang comes from the Spanish word know as “parranda” (action of merry making, group of serenaders). In Trinidad it refers to folkloric music of Hispanic American origins

Who is the Queen of Parang?

Daisy Voisin

What religion did the Spanish bring to Trinidad?

Roman Catholics

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