Medical school in cuba

Medical school in cuba

Is medical school in Cuba free?

Cuba established an international medical school in 1999, and since then over 100 Americans have attended. “How can it be free ?” But indeed, the Latin American Medical School —ELAM, in Spanish—is free , charging no tuition, room, or board.

How many years is medical school in Cuba?

As in most countries, Cuban higher education is split into three stages – roughly corresponding to the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral system. The first stage usually lasts at least four years, but five or six years for subjects like medicine, which is one of the most popular specialties on the island.

Can I study medicine in Cuba?

The Cuban government offers students a free year term to the Medical Schools in Cuba . The applications of the students are handled by the licensed Cuban political officers collaborating in the native country.

How many medical schools are in Cuba?

14 medical schools

Is it easy to become a doctor in Cuba?

As in other countries, studying to become a doctor in Cuba involves intensive coursework, passing medical exams and a residency program. Unlike most countries, however, Cuba has historically offered affordable schooling for low-income, but brilliant, medical students.

Can I become a citizen of Cuba?

In Cuba , you can be citizen only by birth and not by naturalization, except under exceptional circumstances. But you can become resident and, in order to apply for this, you must fulfill one or more of the following requirements : You are married to a Cuban or with a permanent resident in Cuba .

How much does medical school cost in Cuba?

Tuition fees at universities in Cuba vary between US$20,000 and US $40,000 depending on the university and the course of study. The good news is that this is the tuition fee for the whole course, not just for one year. Also, Cuban medical schools support low-income students.

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Is university free in Cuba?

Education at all levels is free , although secondary students and university graduates are required to do community service in return. The program that achieved these results began in 1961 when the Cuban education authorities progressively escalated the minimum education level target from 6th through 9th to 12th grade.

How can I get a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba?

Eligibility. To be eligible for this medicine bursary, you should pass your Matric with minimum medical university entry requirements. You should score at least 4 in Physical Science, Mathematics, Biology / Life Sciences, and English.

What can I study in Cuba?

Areas of study include art history, film history, Latin American studies and linguistics literature. You’ll have the option to choose between two different semester programs: the Cuban and Caribbean Studies program and the Spanish Language and Culture program.

What is Cuba ranked in education?


Total population 97% Ranked 48th.
Primary education , duration > Years 6 Ranked 57th. The same as United States
Primary education , teachers per 1000 7.87 Ranked 9th. 43% more than United States
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary 9.06 Ranked 72nd.

How do I get a medical seat in Cuba?

Essential ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA For CUBA MBBS SCHOLARSHIP Age between 17-21 years as per Cuba Scholarship for MBBS requirements. A final total score of a particular candidate will be recorded based on all of his credentials via open Merit system.

Does Cuba have a good education system?

Education in Cuba has been a highly ranked system for many years. The University of Havana was founded in 1727 and there are a number of other well-established colleges and universities. Education expenditures continue to receive high priority. Cuba

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