Cuba drinking age

Cuba drinking age


Country De jure
Purchase age
Cuba 16
Dominica 16
Dominican Republic 18
  • Drinking age in Cuba The “legal” drinking age in Cuba is 16 Not that others don’t get served in resorts, but at 16 you are considered an adult, and unless you specify, they will recieve an “old enough to drink” wristband.

Answer: As a 17-year-old coming to Cuba, you will not be considered a minor, as minors in Cuba are all those under the age of 16, which is also the legal age of consent in the country. While there doesn’t appear to be a legal drinking age in Cuba, the de jure purchase age for both alcohol and cigarettes is 18 years.

Can you drink at 16 in Cuba?

The “legal” drinking age in Cuba is 16 Not that others don’t get served in resorts, but at 16 you are considered an adult, and unless you specify, they will recieve an “old enough to drink ” wristband.

Does Cuba have a drinking age?

THERE IS NO DRINKING AGE IN CUBA You can drink at age 2 -whatever. HOWEVER to purchase alchol you must be 16. Resorts are different.

What country has the youngest drinking age?


What countries require you to be 21 to drink?

Minimum Legal Drinking Age in Other Countries 20 MLDA (5 countries) Iceland, Japan, Paraguay , Thailand, Uzbekistan. 21 MLDA (12 countries) Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea , Iraq, Kiribati, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nauru, Oman, Palau, Samoa, Sri Lanka, United States .

What country has a drinking age of 13?

Around the world, the age when it’s legal to purchase or be served most alcohol products varies from 13 in Burkina Faso to 25 in Eritrea . Here’s a brief look at how not only the legal drinking age but the culture and parenting around alcohol consumption varies across countries.

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What is Japan’s drinking age?

20 years

Which states allow drinking at 18?

Five states (Alabama, Arkansas , Idaho , New Hampshire , and West Virginia ) have no such exceptions. [Editor’s Note: The information below is not in any way intended to be legal advice or to encourage alcohol consumption by people under the age of 21.

What is China’s drinking age?


Can you drink at 16 in Ireland?

It is illegal for someone under 18 to drink alcohol in a licensed premises, such as a pub, except where the child is 16 or 17 years old and accompanied by an adult. In the above scenario, it is legal for them to drink , but not buy, beer, wine and cider to accompany a meal.

Can you drink at 14 in Germany?

At 14 – minors are allowed to consume and possess undistilled (fermented) alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine in public places, bars or restaurants, as long as they are in the company and have the permission of a Custodial Person.

What country can you drink at 14?


Can I drink at 13?

Absolutely you should be worried. First of all it is illegal for a thirteen year old to consume alcohol. Second of all it is dangerous for a teenager to be drinking . Consuming alcohol at a young age can lead to smoking cigarettes and experimenting with drugs.

Can a British 18 year old drink in America?

Your nationality doesn’t matter – the laws of the place you are in matter. No, you will not be able to drink legally within the United States. Purchasing alcoholic beverages as a minor, or knowingly purchasing alcohol for a minor, are both criminal offenses in all 50 states.

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What country has the lowest smoking age?

Outliers. Iraq, Palestine and Egypt are among the countries with the lowest stipulated age limit – 14. And in three countries – Antigua and Babuda, Belize (both in the Americas) and Gambia (Africa) – there is no age limit at all.

What is Canada’s drinking age?

19 Cuba

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