Cuba area codes

Cuba area codes

Fixed phone numbers in Cuba are comprised of a single country code (+53), a 1-2 digit area code, and a 40-90 digit line code. Making a call with the wrong country, area, or region code can be costly. Browse our sites area and region codes by region and city to ensure you have the correct information for your calls.

What is the area code for Havana Cuba?


How many digits are in a Cuban phone number?

eight digits

How do you call the US from Cuba?

To call the U.S. from Cuba , simply dial + 1 before the full number, including three-digit area code. To call Cuba from the U.S. , dial 011 (the U.S. exit code) and then 53 (the country code for Cuba ) before the full number.

How can I call Cuba from USA for free?

Make Free Calls to Cuba Go to You can now make free calls to Cuba right from your web browser. With PopTox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. Once you are on PopTox home page, you will see a dialpad. Select Cuba from the drop down and enter the phone number.

Can you text someone in Cuba?

In general, you text /call with just the + followed by the country code (+53). Alternatively, you can use the 011 with the country code (01153) instead, but you don’t need both. It would be +53 (country code), X (1-2 digit area code; for mobiles it’s 5, for Havana city it’s 7), then the number.

How can I buy Bitcoin in Cuba?

How to buy BTC in Cuba in 3 steps (2020) Choose the exchange. Choose your pick from our list of Top crypto exchanges in Cuba . Register + KYC. Register on the exchange and go through the KYC process. Deposit fiat & buy bitcoin . Deposit your fiat currency. Bonus Step!

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Which country code is 54?


Which country Cuba is located?

North America

Which language does Cuba speak?


How do you call someone from Cuba?

If you want to call Cuba from the U.S., follow these simple dialing directions: First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 53, the country code for Cuba . Then dial the area code (1–4 digits — please see a sample calling code list below) And finally the phone number (4–7 digits).

How do I dial a number in Cuba?


How do I call Cuba on Whatsapp?

So, to call on Whatsapp internationally you would only be able to call to a mobile phone with the Whatsapp app installed. Cuban cell phone numbers comprise 8 digits and the first digit is 5. Cuba’s country code is 53. This is how you should store the Cuban phone number in your smartphone’s address book: +535xxxxxxx.

What is the cheapest way to call Cuba?

Skype. You can purchase Skype Credit and pay $1.15 cents per minute for calls to Cuba plus an 8.9 cent connection fee for each call . Google Voice. This service charges around 98 cents per minute to call Cuba , (some users have reported connection problems).

Does Viber work in Cuba?

No matter where you are, with Viber Out you can make quality calls to Cuba . Call any number in Cuba – landline or mobile! – starting from only 92.0 ¢ per minute. Buy credit packages or a calling plan to get the best rates per minute to Cuba .

How can I make free calls from my mobile?

To use Google Voice to make calls through your mobile carrier, link your mobile number. The amount of data you use depends on your carrier’s network quality and speed. Turn off Wi-Fi calling Open the Google Voice app . At the top, tap Menu. Settings. Under Calls , tap Make and receive calls . Select Use carrier only. Cuba

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